RAFI Navigates COVID for New and Expecting Mothers in Third Episode of RESTART Webinar


After the second run of the RESTART Webinar series on stories of hope (from COVID-19 survivors Gino Paolo Reyes and Gian Carlo Poliquit), the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) continues on with its initiative to create an informed community with discussions for expecting and new mothers as they navigate how to best care for themselves and their children during this pandemic.

While having a baby can both be an exciting and a nerve-wrecking experience for parents, it even becomes more challenging during this time of COVID.

In this webinar, pediatrician Dr. Marini Esguerra, and obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Mary Girlie Velosowill discuss how to ensure safety for expecting moms.This will include tips on how to go about pre-natal check-ups to delivery as well as techniques on how to care for and breastfeed infants and young children during lockdown situations.

This episode can be streamed on July 23, 4:30PM at the RAFI Facebook page and Youtube, and CDN Digital Facebook page.

Individuals and organizations who wish to participate in the webinar can register at the link posted on RAFI’s Facebook page.