PHYLUM Bisrock Band Cebu 15 Years in Philippine Music Scene


Formed in early 2003 under the name of Wetslipperz, the group wrote songs and did appearances in shows on live stage audiences and radio stations as five-member group. The first chapter in the band history lead to a DIY release self-titled EP. After a small line-up shift, Ian, Charleston, and Godfrey decided to slightly alter the direction of the band, developing a truer grunge sound with native taste of music. Finally, this change in ideology leads the band to move forward under the new name “Phylum”, and successfully engage audience with their unique choice of music that all generations can relate.

Phylum is going strong as a five-member band bringing Visayan sound the most influential and relatable music to different ages.

F:\Godfrey\Phylum\Phylum Photos\CTU\21230921_10209090036761174_2432527853425407835_n.jpgPhylum members are ka-berkz (peers) who had their share of ups and downs having grown up at a common neighborhood. Despite a helping of bitter memories, some dreams that never found their way yet, heartbreaks, and other tearjerker whatchamacallits, they manage to lean on to the promise that music has this ability to change lives for the better. And so they began getting serious about penning songs and executing these in live musical performances to express a collage of emoticons that are as funny and witty, cruel and cunning, passionate and driven as their personalities. Like most struggling musician-performers, they had their share of being booed, sneered, and jeered at. Phylum says it loud here to patrons, let the phylum pincers give you a clutch, as this is the music that will fasten you to the strong belief that amid the world backbreaking round of drudgery, doubt and misery, your dreams are just waiting to be realized. Aside from faith anchored in the almighty, we have allowed music to take control and bring forth internal healing from all our woes. They prescribe the theme of love to you, however nostalgic our brand of songs may seem.

Band Members: Ian Raye Biñan (Vocals); Axel Abac (Drummer); Anthony Talledo (Bass); Godfrey Gorre (Guitar 1) and Charleston Miparanum (Guitar 2).

Genre : Bisaya Rock Ballad / Bisaya Alternative Rock

Label / Publishing : Independent

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MOR Cebu 2005 – Best Bisrock Song (Palagot sa Kontra)

MOR Cebu 2005 – Best Ballad Song (Etoy-Etoy)

MOR Cebu 2005 – Best Male Vocalist (Ian Raye Biñan)

MOR Cebu 2005 – Texter’s Choice

MOR Cebu 2006 – Band of the Year

MOR Cebu 2007 – Most Requested Song (Bisan Pa)

MOR Cebu 2007 – Best Ballad (Bisan Pa)

MOR CDO 2009 – 4 Weeks No.1 Hit Chart (Sabot Sabot)

93.1 Smash FM – Most Requested Song (Bisan Pa)

MOR CDO 2011 – 4 Weeks No.1 Hit Chart (Singot sa Heart)

Now PHYLUM released their Vol. 2 (a compilation) .

If you noticed of different Vocals in some tracks it is because the former Vocals of Phylum, Godjay Gorre (Wetslipperz) is still in the tracks who is the vocals behind their Hit “Bisan Pa” written by Arnel Simeon Suarez and Arranged By Phylum. but sometimes Godjay will perform with them incase Ian is not around.

Here are the list of songs featuring GODJAY of WETSLIPPERZ Band

1st Rafting Adventure

Sabot Sabot (May Sabit) Tagalog

Upside Down



Best of Phylum Vol. 2