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Organica Black Gold is now available in Cebu


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Introducing a 100% Natural corn coffee blend, home made with taste of love. A healthy body is a gift to yourself and your family. Earn in a healthy way with Organica Black Gold.

Organica Black Gold is a remake or revival of a healthy traditional beverage that our Filipino ancestors have been drinking for thousands of years before we enter into the modern lifestyle in a much commercialized world.


Corn and rice are the main ingredients of Organica Black Gold but we enhanced and improved the quality of the drink by blending it with the most famous and globally acclaimed healthy foods known as black and brown rice, mangosteen, moringa (malunggay) and shitake mushrooms.

Organica Black Gold offers unlimited health benefits.

  1. Promotes Good Night Sleep
  2. Boost Heart Health
  3. Anti-oxidant
  4. Anti-Anemia
  5. Anti-Hypertensive
  6. Improves Bowel Function
  7. Anti-Cancer
  8. Anti-Diabetes
  9. Boost Immunity
  10. Improves Menstrual Flow

Organica Black Gold is all natural, no preservatives, no chemicals, non-acidic.

Organica Black Gold is now available in Cebu. For your orders, you may call these numbers 0917-117-6110 and 0917-326-1727.