Online learning helps Childlink become globally minded

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Are online classes effective and safer alternative to face-to-face classes with the pandemic still very much around? The answer is yes based on the experience of Childlink Learning Center and Highschool Inc. during the school year 2020-21.

Childlink founder and school directress Maria Theresa Tio recalls that having online learning is not a hindrance. In fact, she notes that many students performed well even if the classes were done online.

Ms. Tio explains that the school has been able to keep the students interested in their classes. “They (students) performed well as long as they are given motivation. We just try to find ways to connect the students with their classmates and with the community,” she says.

Doing online classes also helps Childlink to continuously improve. “Online learning helps the school to be globally-minded. Because of the Internet, we can easily reach out to people,” she adds. The school has been collaborating with different learning institutions abroad.

Although the school implemented online learning, they continue to have activities just like when the classes were still face-to-face. “Being online does not stop us from continuing this practice. The school held various activities to allow them to experience the outside world even if they remain in their homes,” she adds.

In fact, on December 8, 2021, Grades 9 and 10 students had a fruitful and engaging day during an online cultural exchange activity with high school students from Yokkaichi Maryknoll High School in Japan, Ms. Tio reveals.

The Linkers were given the opportunity to know about the Yokkaichi High School and various cultural highlights of Japan.

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Students’ motivation in online class is driven by the engaging activities that teachers give to their students

In turn, the Japanese high school students were treated to music and poetry performances by the Linkers and watched videos showcasing the Philippines.

Also, the school will be holding their online Christmas program for the entire school lasting about an hour and a half before they join their own celebration by class also online.

Childlink also have plans for more activities during the school year 2021-22. Aside from the activities the school administration will be implementing, the Student Council will also be proposing some activities.

“Every year we really try to come up with new activities, we innovate, try to change something. Every quarter, our Student Council conducts activities approved by the school administration,” Ms. Tio says.

Through this practice, she explains that the Student Council develops skills on planning and implementation.

Childlink Student Council recently organized various online activities that focused on the interests of the Elementary to High School Linkers.

These activities included the arts, karaoke, dance, and games. All these were intended to promote camaraderie among the Linkers and to motivate the students to participate in different activities of interests.

With the school’s innovative approach to learning, it’s no surprise that Ms. Tio was recognized as the Most Outstanding School Director of the Year by the Business Achievement and Recognition Awards Council for Business Excellence last October 17, 2021.

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Teacher Tess, Childlink’s school director received her recent award as Outstanding School Director of the Year last October 2021

According to the organization, the criteria for judging are as follows: Outstanding Individual Reputation; Exemplary Role Model in the industry where she or he belongs; Concern and contribution to society; and Community Individual Achievement and Recognition.

Meanwhile, Childlink continues to implement community outreach projects. Last week, the school turned over donated items from their students and their families to the Rise Above Foundation Cebu.

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Childlink school representatives sent their donation to the Rise Above Foundation last December 10, 2021 at their office in Happy Valley. These were received by the project manager of the foundation

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Childlink’s utility personnel unloads the school community’s donation of clothes, bags, toys and others for the Rise Above Foundation

The foundation is a non-profit non-government organization that focuses on improving the quality of life for the underprivileged families in Cebu, Philippines.

The donated items included used clothes for children and adults as well as other stuff. There was even a donation for a box full of brand new toys.