BBM Region 7 HQ calls for all parallel groups to align and unite


Partido Federal ng Pilipinas, the political party of Presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos appointed Mr. Jun Romulo Manapsal as Region 7 Secretary General, had an oath taking ceremony, March 7 at the BBM Cebu Region 7 Headquarters and called all parallel groups to align and unite to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

“Many groups are existing and still forming should align with Bongbong Marcos Region 7 Headquarters to get the correct information and to be able to properly help our candidate to avoid scams and undesirables to create confusion,” Manapsal said.

Carlitos Evangelista Ceniza, PFP VP for the Visayas with Atty.Tito Pintor, Regional President for Region 7, Ms. Pamela Baricuatro ,Provincial Secretary General for Cebu were present to administer Mr. Jun Manapsal as the newly appointed PFP Region 7 Secretary General together with  lawyers, Atty. Wilbert Dumon, Atty. Angelica Fernandez-Dumon and Atty. Aldwin Fernandez.

C:\Users\GCPI-ROBBY\Desktop\PRS\PR 1\A.jpg(L-R) PFP Region 7 Chairman Carlitos Ceniza, Jun Manapsal, Atty. Van Ancero, Atty. Oliver Dicdican, Atty. Wilbert Dumon, Atty. Aldwin Fernandez, Atty. Angelica Fernandez-Dumon, Atty. Athena Salas-Duran, Atty. Jose Salas, Atty. Terence Fernandez and Atty. Garri Fernandez.

C:\Users\GCPI-ROBBY\Desktop\PRS\PR 1\D.jpgNewly appointed Partido Federal ng Pilipinas Region 7 Secretary General Mr. Jun Romulo Manapsal

C:\Users\GCPI-ROBBY\Desktop\PRS\PR 1\F.jpgPFP Region 7 Chairman Carlitos Evangelista Ceniza

Also present during the ceremony included Chairwoman Betsy Manapsal; Finance Officer Joseph Lo; Marketing Strategist Archt. Clive Aaron Guanzon; Disaster and Relief Operations Regan King; Ways & Means Dave Lim; Special Events Officer Bling Lim; Celebrity Endorser/Coordinator Chase Cokaliong; BBM Region 7 HQ Manager Federico Miguel Monte and Social Media OIC Victor Jao.

According to Ceniza that Central Visayas team had gotten the support of NegOr and Siquijor officiàls to the BBM-Sarah team.

The Central Visayas teàm hopes to get a united endorsement and support from Cebu and Bohol officials, saying these are crucial votes for winning.

C:\Users\GCPI-ROBBY\Desktop\PRS\PR 1\B.jpg(L-R) PFP Region 7 Secretary General Jun Manapsal, Atty. Tito Pintor, PFP Region 7 Chairman Carlitos Ceniza, PFP Cebu Province Secretary General Pamela Baricuatro and Ms. Betsy Manapsal, Chairwoman Region 7 Bongbong Marcos HQ

C:\Users\GCPI-ROBBY\Desktop\PRS\PR 1\C.jpg(L-R) Joseph Lo, Dave Lim, Renee Lim, Betsy Manapsal, Jun Manapsal, BBM, Atty. Oliver Dicdican, Archt. Clive Aaron Guanzon and Victor Jao

C:\Users\GCPI-ROBBY\Desktop\PRS\PR 1\E.jpgAtty. Tito Pintor, PFP Regional President for Region 7

Meanwhile, Partido Federal ng Pilipinas Regional President for Region 7, Atty. Tito Pintor said the alignment of BBM and Sarah Duterte  candidacies formed the Unity Team, a political alliance of various political parties that support the BBM-Duterte Team on Nov 29, 2021. Hence, Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte run under the Lakas, and former Senator Bongbong Marcos undeŕ the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas.

Manapsal said that the Bongbong Marcos Region 7 Headquarters will only support BBM-Sarah tandem and they don’t meddle in the local politics.