OSP Cebu Corporation offers design expertise for product branding, other services

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With the stiff competition faced by many businesses, startups and mícro, small and medium enterprises need to have strategies to gain access to or to grow their markets.

Among these strategies is product branding and website development, which these companies can implement by tapping the services of OSP Cebu Corporation, an offshore company of the Japan-based Osaka Sealing Printing Co. Ltd.

OSP Cebu operations manager Ms. Junko Ono explained that every company has to compete and OSP Cebu could provide good designs and strategy to companies who need to establish their brand in the market.

Ms. Ono explained that OSP Cebu through their services can help their customers grow immediately.

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OSP Cebu operations manager Ms. Junko Ono

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Ted Aikawa – Director & General Manager, OSP Cebu

OSP Cebu is committed to provide only the best quality service to customers. It provides design solutions for product branding, layout and editorial designs, labels and packaging designs, as well as illustrations.

OSP Cebu, which started operations in November 2018, produces graphic designs and illustrations using responsive HTML5/CSS coding and WordPress, among others. The company has adapted the experience and technology of desktop publishing (DTP) and Web development from Japan to provide fast and quality services that meet Japan standards.

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The company ensures prospective clients that it can provide quality output since their local designers have been using Japan`s technology and the most comprehensive design software in desktop publishing.

“Our competency is into design. We believe that in Cebu we have a market for these kind of services,” said Cheryl Judilla, customer relations manager. “We want to position ourselves for startups and provide them services to help them establish their brands.

According to Judilla, OSP Cebu has been providing design services to Japanese clients since it started operations here but has started introducing their services to local businesses.

“We are catering to the Japanese clients. We want to open ourselves to the local market,” she added.

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OSP Cebu customer relations manager Ms. Cheryl Judilla

Recognizing the robust and vibrant local market, OSP Cebu decided to offer its services in creative works to prospective clients.

OSP Cebu aims to help small businesses develop attention-grabbing design concepts in branding and sustain online presence through effective website designs. It also provides avenue for self-publisher in developing creative layouts for a more visually appealing and engaging publication.

Judilla explained that OSP Cebu’s designers have been trained and are using Japanese technology. “Our designers here has the competency to provide and help our clients for them to establish their brands in the minds of their customers.”

OSP Cebu has already acquired local clients who have availed of its services.

“We now have some clients. We worked with a book layout project of a small organization for their coffee table book,” Judilla said.

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OSP Cebu has also worked for another company doing their e-catalog. “So far, we have been successful doing that. Now, we are still introducing our services to more prospective clients,” she added.

For those who are interested to avail of the services of OSP Cebu, you may contact Ms. Cheryl Judilla at the OSP Cebu Corporation office, 9th Flr., Unit 2-906, OITC 2 Oakridge Business Park, A.S Fortuna St., Banilad, Mandaue City. You may also call Ms. Judilla at (032) 353-6127 or 09989669034.