FlipGang: Paving Way For Filipino Music in the International Music Scene


FlipGang just released a song exclusively on YouTube. The group is a Filipino/New Zealand HipHop duo named Jermz and KC Philly, who have been pushing the Filipino music outside Philippines, particularly in Oceania. Their latest single called “Mamacita”, which features another Cebuana named Kristine Ortaliz, is their most recent collaboration after 10 years of doing music on their own. Mamacita is a song about being real and true to one’s colours. One distinct line from the song says, “Maayo pa’g ing-ani akong sinul-uban kaysa plastic man diay.” To translate, “It’s better to dress the way I am, rather than being fake.”

Before Mamacita, they have collaborated with one of the biggest Bisaya Rap Group from Dumaguete called Midnasty. They made a song called, “Gago Trix”, which was released on all major streaming platforms. Hali has collaborated with King Promdi too – who also had a hit song called “Walwal” – with his group, “VVS Collective”. Jermz has also collaborated with GOH PH with a song titled, “Hi Hello”. GOH PH is a Boholano Producer and Movie Scorer who composed Lakbay2Love, Smaller and Smaller Circles, and Enough. “Hi Hello” is an expressive rendition of a broken hearted person experiencing the denial phase of break-up.


FlipGang’s vision is to expand and bridge Filipino music in New Zealand. “We believe that we were sent here for a reason, and for us, one of the reasons is to represent Philippines here in New Zealand through music and arts.”, says Hali – a member of the group – also known as Kc Philly.

“We believe collaborating with other creatives will benefit us in a lot of ways, even beyond making a great piece of music. Not only it can help us develop our musical knowledge, but it can also open opportunities for us here in the music industry.”, said Jermz.

“This collaboration with Kristine is just the start of the expansion. We will continue to introduce our music here in New Zealand by supporting and collaborating with other talents.”, Hali added.

New Zealand has lots of talented Filipinos. FlipGang is here to showcase that talent, not only in New Zealand, but to the international scene as well.