Aboitiz Group CEO leads PSAC to assist PH’s economic transformation



CEBU CITY – President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. welcomed in Malacanang on July 7 the members of the Private Sector Advisory Council (PSAC) led by Aboitiz Group CEO Sabin Aboitiz who heeded the President’s call to organize and convene the council to assist the government in its economic development and transformation across five main sectoral groups.

“The close partnership between the public and private sectors will continue to deepen with the establishment of PSAC under President Marcos.  We are optimistic that by working hand-in-hand with the government to develop the five priority areas, we will see a revitalized economy that all Filipinos will benefit from,” Aboitiz said.

The PSAC is composed of business leaders and experts who will be supporting the government in meeting its economic objectives with designated sector leads include Aileen Uygongco-Ongkauko for Agriculture; Sabin Aboitiz for Build, Build, Build and Tourism; Joey Concepcion for Jabs to Jobs; Henry Aguda for Digital Infrastructure; and Paolo Borromeo for Healthcare.


The Aboitiz Group has been undertaking its own ‘Great Transformation’ journey from a legacy conglomerate into a ‘techglomerate’ of the future.  Aboitiz responded to the President’s call and expressed his full commitment to support the new administration’s business and economic aims for the country.

The newly established council pledged to help the government deliver on its commitment to transform the Philippine economy by implementing a robust infrastructure program, creating more jobs, digitizing processes, improving agricultural productivity through the recalibration of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and ensuring an equitable, sustainable, and inclusive business landscape for Filipinos.


PSAC’s sectoral groups will regularly report to the President to provide feedback on what is happening on the ground and will make recommendations on modern policy development.

In accepting the role as PSAC convenor, Aboitiz hopes to bring together several of the country’s brightest and boldest business minds to create and strengthen innovative synergies between the private and public sectors.