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Since their debut in the the 48th season of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), the Converge FiberXers have showcased undying grit and a fighting spirit that echo their battlecry: #NeverBackDown.

Being the newest team in the franchise, Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy has made the goal clear from the start: “We are here to compete to win.”

With their eyes locked in on the prize, the Converge FiberXers exceeded expectations and concluded their very first conference by impressively landing a spot in the playoffs in the 2022 Philippine Cup. The young team has stayed true to Uy’s vision in embodying the same drive and passion that has likewise turned the young company to one of the top players in the telecommunications industry.

“Converge is now present nationwide, and our goal is to become a household name,” shared Uy. “As we provide our consumers with top-notch broadband connectivity, we also want to showcase how much we value sportsmanship and competitiveness, and joining the PBA gives us the ability to do just that – to show off our brand.”

As the 2022 Commissioner’s Cup takes off this week, the Converge FiberXers are more than ready to step up their game and make a starling comeback. In its off-season preparations, the FiberXers have gone all out in shaping up and training to reach even greater heights this time around. The team has since made significant additions and changes in its coaching staff and team lineup, and the CEO shares that he is excited to see how it all manifests on court.

“Right now, our team’s chemistry is looking good,” said Uy. “Coach Aldin really is a tough coach. He is very detailed, and I trust in his system. The boys have been training hard nearly everyday. Nakita ko ‘yung training nila, may sistema yung pag-training. From shooting to building up the strength of the players, I see it all, and I think this is going to be a very exciting season for us.”

Uy notes that he intended to look for a coach whose training veered away from the traditional and could instead align with the players in bringing out the best of their youth. This upcoming conference, the FiberXers intend to show a new brand of basketball: faster, tougher and more exciting.

“For the upcoming Commissioner’s Cup, I believe we have the capability to reach the top. Yung mag-champion na ganun does not happen overnight. But with their top notch training, if you have the right formula, the right chemistry, and if they continue to play at the speed they’ve been practicing, I’m excited to see them have an even better competition this coming season.”

The CEO shares that as long as time allows, he will continue to watch the games and give his full support to the Converge FiberXers in their second conference.

With the rigorous training of new Head Coach Aldin Ayo and the additions to Converge’s talented lineup of young players such as Aljun Melecio and first-time import and former NBA player Quincy Miller, the FiberXers continue to shape up and work hard as they enter the Commissioner’s Cup in their first game against Terrafirma Dyip on Friday, September 23 at 3:00 p.m. in the Philsports Arena.