Bisaya Hip-hop duo singers-songwriters (and producers) Harrey Kennedy “Haley” Colina and Jeremy Charl “Jermz” Madaje, return today with their first single of 2023 – It’s Been a Minute – out now on all streaming platforms.

After a few months of hiatus, FlipGang is back and now dropping a new hit, “It’s Been a Minute.” Right out of the gate they yearn, “It’s been a minute, mingaw nako sa imong mga gakos.” Powerful synth echoes and their verses resonate as they speak directly and hold nothing back. “It’s Been a Minute” unfolds the detail of longing with a friend/lover, craving intimacy only as FlipGang can convey.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the song, Jermz said, It’s Been a Minute tells the story of an intimate relationship hindered by distance. I believe that because of the pandemic, a lot of people experienced being in a long-distance relationship (LDR), and when time allows them to be together after being apart for so long, saying goodbye only means missing that someone more, even immediately after just being with them. Going back to the reality of being in an LDR makes you miss that intimacy of being together, but there is a sense of knowing that you will get to see that person again soon. Mao na akong na feel kadtong LDR pami sa akong uyab of 2 years and now my fiancée.”

“Motuo jud ko nga naay oras ang tanan. Nga tanan naka suwat na. Salig ra ta nga tanang panghitabo naay rason. Ang ato nga mo padayon ra tas atong lakaw og ang Ginoo nay bahala asa ta Niya dad-on“, added Haley, who recently got married last December 2022 in Queenstown, New Zealand – where famous celebrities Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff tied the knot.

It’s Been a Minute sets the stage for a busy year ahead for FlipGang, which includes new music and a third studio album. The title of the album hasn’t been decided yet. FlipGang is set to announce the title and release date later this year. Back in 2019, they released their second album titled Dethrone and now it’s time for a fresh one.

Missing the Bisaya Hip-hop hits? Stay tuned for more to come from FlipGang this 2023!