‘Chi Longevity’, a global centre of excellence for biological age reversal opens inaugural medical suite in Singapore

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Singapore is now home to one of the world’s leading longevity centres, Chi Longevity, providing a scientific-based proactive approach to ageing to guide individuals towards a younger, healthier self. A global leader in researching gerontology and internal medicine, Professor Andrea Maier leads the medical suites’ programs and is supported by a team of healthcare specialists who curate a wholly personalised journey to promote vitality and prolong longevity. Health spans are optimised using cutting-edge diagnostics and multi-disciplinary interventions that target the ageing process.

The Chi Longevity journey begins with a multi-dimensional biological, clinical and digital diagnostic assessment to build an individual’s unique health profile and highlight the precise hallmarks of biological ageing. A comprehensive evaluation of habits and preferences such as sleep, diet, stress levels, and exercise regimen is also conducted to supplement the analysis. Once the results are revealed, a personalised intervention plan to curate a longevity strategy is implemented, featuring evidence-based therapeutics, supplements and changes to lifestyle, social and physical environments.

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The medical suites’ expert team of physicians, dieticians, psychologists and health coaches review and support the age-reversal program at every step of the way. Remote monitoring technologies are linked to an advanced digital health dashboard to enable up-to-the-minute recording of progress. Once the initial regimen is completed, progress is evaluated to observe changes in biomarkers, biological clocks, and the overall ageing process. After thorough analysis, Chi Longevity’s specialists devise a follow-up plan to sustain gains and promote further health goals.

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Co-Founder Prof. Andrea Maier, who is also currently the Oon Chiew Seng Professor in Medicine, Healthy Ageing and Dementia Research at NUS and Co-Director of the Centre for Healthy Longevity, NUHS says, “It’s an exciting time for advances in longevity research, translating cutting edge results from animal models to humans and now spearheading the launch of Singapore’s first longevity clinic. I’ve spent decades dedicating my time to understanding ageing biology and chronic disease development and management, and we’re now at the stage where we can share cutting-edge diagnostics and interventions with the potential to prevent age-related diseases with individuals for the first time in Singapore.”

A far cry from the clinical feel of traditional medical clinics, Chi Longevity’s modern medical suite at Camden Medical Centre is designed to be private, with modern comforts, healthy refreshments and discreet service to make each visit a seamless and supportive experience.

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The complete Chi Longevity program takes approximately ten months, and it is advised to be physically present in Singapore at least twice in that period. Each visit takes about four hours to complete; however, some of the testing can be completed in the comfort of a home or hotel room in Singapore. Tele-consult services are available, but physical consultations and follow-ups are encouraged as much as possible to maximise results. The cost of the program is available upon request, and varies according to the needs of each individual.

Chi Longevity’s inaugural medical suite launched in March 2023, with other destinations regionally and globally opening in the next 24 months.