Cebu Business Months officially launches its 2023 theme: “Cebu ‘ta bai –  Moving Forward. Shaping the Future”

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As local businesses are bouncing back on a steep curve, this year’s Cebu Business Months (CBM) will highlight the advantages and capabilities of Cebu as a global player and a prime destination for tourism, new industries and investments.

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With the theme “Cebu ‘ta bai”, the wide range of activities during the months-long CBM will also put a spotlight on Cebu’s resilience, distinctiveness, and adaptability to changing situations. “CBM’s approach this year is to showcase Cebu on the global arena as we embrace the digital age and continue promoting Cebu’s MSMEs, raising awareness of our vibrant food culture and destinations, and nurturing the talents of our creative artists for our tomorrow,” says CBM 2023 Overall Chairman John Paul Chiongbian.

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CBM 2023 will kick off this June with activities that will cover and focus on four sectors that will have respective summits and expos: Tourism in July headed by Chairperson Kate Anzani, with co-chairpersons Allen Andre Suarez and Boboi Costas, Entrepreneurship in August headed by Chairperson Gretchen Choa and co-chairperson Niko Basubas, Technology in September headed by Chairman Ryan Tan Yu and co-chairpersons Ryan Raymond Yu and April Ong Vaño and Creative Entertainment in October headed by Chairman Lawrence Po Panganiban and co-chairperson Bryan Yap with pocket events and talks in between. The PR and Promotions Committee is also headed by Chairperson Georgia “Jaja” Chiongbian Rama with co-chairperson Danna Bacolod.

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CBM 2023 Tourism Chairperson Cathleen “Kate” Anzani shares that this year’s CBM will emphasize regional development through inspiring narratives, innovative tourism initiatives and unique tours that have yet to be offered in the market.

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“This year, the Tourism sector [will be] focusing on product development, food development, [and] aligning with the national development plan on stamping provenance, and authentic destination tourism,” Anzani said.

The Tourism Summit scheduled on July 20 and 21, 2023 will feature success stories, best practices in resilience and ways to digitalize the tourism sector. CBM will also highlight the best dishes and delicacies that Cebu has to offer with the Cebu Food and Wine Festival in June and the Food Street Congress in September. Participants can also look forward to the Great Cebu Safari Race in September and CBM Golf Tournament in November.


Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have always played a key role in Cebu’s development by providing job opportunities, promoting local innovations and craftsmanship, and driving economic growth. These include agribusinesses that ensure food security while also boosting the economy.

This year’s CBM will highlight food and farming with the goal of fostering understanding between the private sector and government to address challenges, seize opportunities, and promote growth in the industry.

To help businesses big and small “get through and get further”, CBM will be conducting an Entrepreneurs’ Summit from August 30 to September 1, 2023. The three-day workshop will focus on the importance of Philippine agriculture and local produce in business and touch on the support needed by agribusinesses.

It will include talks and roundtable discussions on how to elevate businesses through digitalization and global innovations in banking, logistics, payment gateways, and marketing and advertising.

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Cebuano entrepreneurs will learn about business continuity, and the importance of mental health and wellness in the workplace.

“[The Entrepreneurs’ Summit aims to] be a platform for conscious entrepreneurship, where leaders are encouraged and supported to have a clear vision of their goals and impact moving forward in a highly digital and connected world,” said Gretchen Choa, CBM 2023 Entrepreneurship chairperson.


Technology has become more and more important for businesses to grow and thrive in today’s world. Entrepreneurs have ventured into e-commerce and  rely on technology to streamline processes, develop new products, boost marketing strategies, and expand their reach.

The Technology Summit and Expo from August 17 to 19, 2023 will be an immersive experience which aims to bridge the gap between traditional businesses and innovative ideas and help them gain inspiration and insights into new technologies and approaches.

Entrepreneurs will learn how to boost their businesses with the help of emerging trends and technologies, and connect with today’s tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and next generation innovators.

“The experiential part of the Expo will be something that is sought after and will be educational and fun for all the visitors,” said Ryan Tan Yu, CBM 2023 Technology Chairman. “We will be focusing on Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), smart home, office, building and city, Electric Vehicles, and the next gen computer solutions,” he added.

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The Technology Summit and Expo will include a tech spotlight which will showcase new products and services, include talks on the tech industry, and have a startup segment  where local teams can present their business ideas. Other activities include a corporate innovation workshop and one-on-one opportunities with mentors, investors, and possible business customers.

Creative Entertainment

Cebuano artists and creatives have played a key role in making Cebu a vibrant and attractive spot for both local and international businesses. The local creative scene boasts of talented artists that showcase the energy and potential of Cebuanos.

Throughout CBM 2023, local creatives will learn how to promote and improve their craft through exhibitions, insightful conferences and fora which will discuss trends,  opportunities and how to level up the Cebuano entertainment industry.

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“Our focus is inspiring our local artists and creatives to pursue their passions and careers, to show the business community that entertainment is a lucrative and investable business,” said Lawrence Po Panganiban, CBM 2023 Creative Entertainment Industry chairman. “[We also want] to connect with the global industry to give more opportunities for jobs and training for the Cebu entertainment industry,” he added.

Start-up creatives will hold talks on their work involving local crafts, arts and culture, and heritage at the Creative Business Talk on September 13, 2023. The Sugbo Entertainment Expo (SEE Cebu) from October 20 to 22, 2023 will feature exhibits and talks from local and international experts in filmmaking, creative writing, advertising, video game development and e-sports, with creative workshops and talks from Japanese experts and key players/gamers at the Technology Knowledge Exchange (Anime Cebu) on October 21, 2023. The Cebu Business Month started as Cebu Business Day and later became Cebu Business Week. In 1996, President Fidel V. Ramon signed Presidential Proclamation No. 748 declaring the whole month of June as Cebu Business Month. In 2020, CBM expanded into a year-long celebration.

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For inquiries about this year’s Cebu Business Month, contact the CBM Secretariat at, (6332) 232-1421 to 24 or email at info@cebuchamber.org or cbm@cebuchamber.org. For updates, follow @CebuBusinessMonths on Facebook or @cbm.ph on Instagram and visit  www.cebuchamber.org