DesignDiBa’s Home Makeover, a designer’s advocacy for safe, loving home spaces



CEBU CITY — DesignDiBa’s Home Makeover Inc., a thriving brand in the home design and renovation industry officially launched its home makeover program hoping to inspire and empower low-income Filipino homeowners in Cebu and to advocate for safe and loving home spaces for individuals and families.

“Every family deserves a safe, comfortable, and beautiful home to live in. Our goal is to make a profound and positive impact on the lives of these families by transforming their homes into inspiring and functional living spaces,” Interior Designer Sharon Bering, the visionary founder of DesignDiBa’s Home Makeover Inc. told media during the launching event on July 11 at the Pavilion of Cebu Home and Builders Centre in Mandaue City.

IDR Bering said, the advocacy aspires to create a ripple effect of change to inspire others to join in the mission to improve the lives of countless low-income families in Cebu.  this is a transformative program that is set to revolutionize living spaces and positively impact the lives of those who need it the most.

Design Diba’s home makeover program is now on its 3rd episode since 2020 when it started its first home makeover.  Since then, the program has assisted six individuals—four in season 1 and two in season 2 including the one in Bohol.

Bering revealed that originally, Design DiBa’s home makeover was established as a digital content platform during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic.  From there, it evolved into an advocacy company called “DesignDiBa’s Home Makeover Inc.” with a steadfast commitment to uplift low-income families living in substandard and cramped housing conditions.

By initiating the makeover process, DesignDiBa’s Home Makeover Inc.  has caught on the hearts of exceptional team of designers, architects, and skilled laborers to join the advocacy journey and collaborate with other builders and companies to provide partial renovations and improvements to homes and living spaces within limited budget.


According to Bering, Design DiBa’s home makeover project looks forward to build awareness and forge more partnerships and collaborations with local government units (LGUs) and private sector entities that share the same vision of providing better living spaces for low-income homeowners.

Design DiBa’s Home Makeover has since evolved into a startup business, with Bering as the driving force behind the brand. She believes that interior design can play a significant role in harmonizing the relationship between the home environment and its inhabitants.

The company has partnered with Habitat for Humanity-Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter to boost its campaign for healthier home environments. Through its advocacy, Design DiBa’s Home Makeover shows homeowners how to rebuild their mental blocks in their physical home environments within their income capacity.

The story behind the name

The name “Design DiBa’s Home Makeover” was a straightforward choice made by its founder, Interior Designer Sharon R. Bering.  The word “design” pays tribute to the interior design profession, while “DiBa’s” came from a Cebuano conversational term “di ba,” meaning “right?” Put together, Design DiBa’s can mean “the right design but varies on how it is used such if being asked.

“Home Makeover” was then added to “Design DiBa’s” as it accurately describes the primary service that the company provides to homeowners.   For its logo, the company uses an icon that features a house structure with a heart – a simple illustration of how Design Diba’s Home Makeover intends to transform every house they renovate into a better home.

Design DiBa’s Home Makeover is more than just a business; it is a movement that empowers low-income families to create better living spaces.


How to qualify for Design DiBa’s home makeover?

According to Bering, Season 3 of the company’s home makeover is in January 2024, hence participants are required to like and share the company’s Facebook page “Design DiBa’s Home Makeover; subscribe to Design DiBa’s Home Makeover YouTube Chanel; view at least one episode from season 1 or season 2; and react on the episodes and leave a comment.

Design DiBa’s also accept letters from viewers and followers. Bering said that during season 1 ad season 2, they received hundreds of letters requesting for home makeovers.  The company then chooses top three letters, deliberate on the respective qualifications based on the company’s criteria before selecting the most qualified beneficiary.

Bering added that when the beneficiary is selected, the team of designers, architects and other volunteer workers and collaborators start the work.  One of the most significant tasks of the team is to find the materials from various sources such as in hard wares, construction suppliers and the like.

“Most of the materials we used in our home makeovers are donated by them, materials with minor dents but are still useable for makeovers.  The family or individual beneficiary also help in the works with some volunteer workers,” Bering revealed.

Bering bared that all the home makeovers the company had done were all works of dedication, volunteerism, so much compassion and close community circuit.  “Every home makeover tugs our hearts and brings tears of joy as the beneficiaries enter their ‘newly-makeover home’.