Voile Dinner and Fashion Show for a Cause: A Convergence of Creativity and Spirituality

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Clothes are a basic human need. Whether one wears a gown with high heels, a custom-tailored suit, or a t-shirt with sneakers, no one can escape fashion’s purpose. Today, its purpose goes beyond imperceptible ways of covering one’s body. As one of the primary drivers of the industrial revolution, the fashion industry has played a significant role in bringing about changes that promote the common good – a catalyst for ripples of good changes. It includes one’s church attire meant to respect God’s provision and those who grow and make our clothes.

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Spaces and Stories (SAS), a consultancy company, hosted a unique fashion show called “Voile (The Veil) Dinner and Fashion Show for a Cause” on July 12th at the Atlantic Ballroom, Waterfront Cebu. The show promises gastronomical wonders and significant fashion moments set to delight every guest. Its theme centers around appropriate church attire and aims to raise funds for the Church and FLTF’s local community projects and activities in Cebu. The event serves as a fundraising campaign to support the programs and projects of Five Loaves & Two Fish, Inc. The organization aims to provide long-term assistance to the Archdiocese of Cebu, offering immediate food assistance to fire victims within Cebu City through its events and activities.

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A Collaboration for the Divine

“Voile” represents a fusion of aesthetics, spirituality, and altruism. It stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, where individuals from diverse backgrounds unite to make a difference. The organizers emphasized that the event is a powerful reminder that authentic worship goes beyond mere words and encompasses all aspects of oneself, including outward appearance – dressing in one’s finest Sunday attire, showing reverence to God, and recognizing that dressing well is a form of worship.

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The fashion show showcased the designs of seven famous Cebu designers, namely; Edwin Ao for Men’s Line for Worship; Jun Escario for Christening; Marichu Tan for Reflection; Philip Rodriguez for Weddings; Philipp Tampus for Fiesta; Protacio for Mourning and Ren Manabat for Sunday’s Best. From intricate cuts to experimental designs, the works featured in Voile prove that it’s Cebu’s most prominent fashion show of the season.

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“Voile” is directed by extraordinaire Joey Alberto. The fashion show included 60 stunning top runway Bigseed x MAC models. Makeup artists Emi Ayag, Erica Florita Enriquez, Aura Verallo, Tatiana Mondares Agustin, Suzaine Christi Smith, Defney Centino, Gel Encarquez, Josel Espinosa, Zosimo Polo Jr., Chay Enriquez, Jaymie Caberte, Rallion Santos and Gino Fonghe masterfully painted the models whose beautiful faces strut down the runway. In addition, all seven designers showcased their Christmas collections.

An Iconic Charity Walk

Its iconic charity walks with real people models composed of Cebu’s most charitable personalities amplify the show.

Ms. Amanda Ouano, Mayor Rajiv Enad, Lheslen Enad, and Dr. Ron Del Mar wore the statement pieces by Protacio. The designer’s edgy pieces four mourning are some of the crowd’s favorites, exuding effortless elegance while highlighting the designer’s signature dichotomous style interludes.

Congressman Edu Rama, clad in a creation of Edwin Ao, looked sharp in the designer’s precise and modern attire made out of a delicate fabric, a juxtaposition Edwin Ao is known for.

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Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama and Cebu City First Lady Malou Rama wear the classic creations of Philip Rodriguez. Mayor Mike looked dashing in his modern Filipino barong. The mint terno donned by his first lady embodies romanticism. Joining Cebu’s power couple on the runway is Mr. Bunny Pages. Philip Rodriguez’s works are perfect for precious moments such as June weddings. His delicate and expertly made formal wear prove his name is synonymous with Cebu’s fashion.

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Jun Escario’s works are a marriage of blush and neutrals showcasing tulle appliques. His collections are known for their luxurious, feminine, and glamorous aesthetic. Jaja Chiongbian-Rama looked ethereal in his pearl dress, reflecting the solemnity and bliss of Christening. Mayor Samsam Gullas also donned a Jun Escario creation during the show.

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Designer Philipp Tampus’ designs favor earth tones with playful sleeves, silhouettes, and prints. His ultra-feminine creations favor quiet luxury without the absence of charm and whimsy. During the charity walk, Jasmine “Daday” Chan wore a Philipp Tampus attire made of lace and floral print – a charming contrast to her edgy makeup. Joining her is Cebu City Councilor Dondon Hontiveros, also sporting a well-crafted men’s wear for an elevated fiesta look.

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Marichu Tan’s creativity shines as she goes out with electric pleats, beads, using organdy and three-dimensional lace. Dr. Jenny Limquiaco, Dr. Albert and Dr. Claudia Rafanan, and Dr. Vivina Chiu wore her high-quality creations with the finest chic details, favoring elegance.

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Ren Manabat’s finely-detailed Sunday’s Best-inspired outfits are a beautiful play of volume, shapes, and colors. Mayor Mytha Basubas Canoy looked regal in his stand-out collection.

Voile is co-presented by the City of Cebu, the Kabilin Center, The Archdiocese of Cebu, and Samuel O. Lao & Associates (Sola). The show is made possible by the generosity of the City of Cebu, Forza Sports Foundation Inc., Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., Duros Land Properties Inc., Knight Willington and Dame Ellen Chan Lim, Honorable Mayor Mytha Basubas Canoy, Seahorse Houseboats and Yachts Cebu, Marina Seaview Restaurant, Balik Batik, We Franchise Consultancy, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, University of Cebu, Oro China, Garces Food Catering, RMA News, Cebu Online News Press Corps, Inewsph, Newstar Philippines, and Merian’s Flower Shop.

The Church is a sacred place – genuinely holy ground. It is a consecrated place where people meet God. Voile is a chance for introspection and growth. It encourages everyone to deepen their relationship with God by helping those in need and dressing their best as a sign of gratitude.