Vision Express’ Vex Cares Empowers LNU’s Optometry Program with a Donation Boost

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Lyceum Northwestern University’s (LNU) Optometry Program is poised for an extraordinary transformation, thanks to a visionary partnership with Vision Express’ Vex Cares, a groundbreaking initiative in providing free eye health services, on September 28, 2023. Vex Cares donates more than 2,500 pieces of ophthalmic lenses, frames, contact lenses and solutions which sets to redefine the future of optometric education and nurture the next generation of optometrists.

Miakka Lim, the Associate Director for Human Resources and Administration of Vision Express, envisions a future where optical clarity is not just an aspiration but a certainty. The institution believes that taking a holistic approach to eye care can ensure one’s well-being and help maintain optimum vision. Part of Vision Express and Vex Care’s mission is to give back to institutions and communities that help this mission and purpose.

We are very happy to start this partnership with you today and for the years to come. We want to continuously be a part of your grassroots program- to become a key fragment of your students’ education, exposure and experience. So, to start the ball rolling, Vision Express would like to give you 2000 pieces of Ophthalmic Lenses, 400 boxes of Contact Lenses for trial fitting only and 200 pieces of frames to help support the education of our future Optometrists.,” Lim declared.

This strategic collaboration finds staunch support within LNU’s luminaries including Dr. Marco Francisco S. Duque, the resolute University Executive Vice-President; Dr. Marina Abella, the esteemed VP for Academic Affairs and International Relations; Dr. Deborah S. Mangonon, the visionary Dean of the College of Optometry; Dr. Von Paul S. Taule, Faculty and College of Optometry Student Council Adviser; and Dr. Prescilla Castro, Managing Director, LNU-Urdaneta campus.

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Pillars of Transformation

This groundbreaking development for the field of optometry between Vision Express’ Vex Cares and Lyceum Northwestern University (LNU) stands a beacon of hope for aspiring optometrists; advocates for three pillars of transformation such as to empower future optometrists, accessible health and eye care for all and fueling advancement and innovation in vision correction.

Empower Future Optometrists. With a diverse array of lenses, contact lenses, and solutions, aspiring optometrists are armed with invaluable tools and essential skills necessary for precise and effective diagnosis and treatment of vision-related issues.

Accessible Eye Care. By ensuring access to specialized lenses tailored for unique eye conditions, this partnership paves the way for elevated standards of eye care, particularly in underserved communities. Graduates will extend invaluable services to those who are in need.

Fueling Advancement. This donation drive is more than just a gesture of generosity. It serves as a catalyst for research in optometry as it enables students and faculty to embark on studies, develop innovative solutions, and refine eye care practices. This collective endeavor bears the potential to introduce revolutionary breakthroughs in vision correction and overall eye care.

The collaboration between LNU and Vision Express’ Vex Cares promises a transformative shift towards enhancing eye care education and accessibility. This initiative embarks a future where quality eye care is clearly for every individual — not as a luxury but a fundamental right.

Stay tuned for more updates towards a brighter vision for all.

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