True Vine Garden Columbary Groundbreaking & Site Dedication

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Unlocking Investment Opportunities and Cherished Memories: True Vine Garden Columbary Takes Root in Cebu City

Poised to reshape the investment landscape in Cebu, True Vine Garden Columbary will soon rise to celebrate life, nature, and the enduring spirit of those who have passed beyond the veil.

Boasting a highly accessible location, True Vine Garden Columbary is strategically positioned in a 10-minute drive from the prominent SM Seaside City Cebu, making it effortless for families and friends to celebrate the lives of their cherished ones amid the bustling urban landscape.

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This flora-rich park draws inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of Cebu’s tropical allure, featuring Balayong trees, a Philippine variant of the Japanese Cherry Blossom, and other indigenous flowering trees and plants.

More than just a garden, True Vine embodies profound and timeless wisdom found in the Gospel of John: “I am the True Vine, and My Father is the vinedresser.” These words resonate within True Vine’s essence, embodying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and His message of salvation.


“The vision behind True Vine Garden Columbary is to create a haven where individuals can celebrate life and cherished memories in the solace of a serene environment,” says President and CEO Joseph So, Jr.

What distinguishes True Vine is not only its spiritual significance but the investment potential it offers, especially appealing to a younger market. Cremation is a practical and thoughtful method that provides a dignified choice, offering an elegant farewell while allowing the bereaved to focus on celebrating the life of their cherished one.


From a financial perspective, True Vine is an asset that appreciates over time, particularly in periods of high demand. Affordable monthly installment options make it accessible to all, with modular investment providing flexibility based on investment preferences. It offers ease of liquidation during periods of financial necessity and allows for the transfer of rights to designated beneficiaries.


True Vine’s innovative approach to remembrance includes the unique concept of Memorial Trees, transforming each one into a “family tree” for deceased loved ones. This high-value feature among others sets True Vine apart, making it a sought-after investment.



Vaults are made of natural stone and meticulously designed symbols of durability and beauty. Within these sacred chambers, they celebrate the fusion of artistry and reverence as elegant urns find their resting place. They elevate remembrance to an art form – a fusion of heart and soul – with various urn styles to choose from.


Nature embraces your loved ones beyond the veil as the skeleton of their existence remains. The ossuary honors the past and present as they merge to create a space where memories never die, and love knows no bounds. True Vine extends compassion and presents an intelligent choice for the future in times of loss. This columbary garden is a sanctuary where life blooms eternal, where ripples of love and influence continue to spread, and cherished ones find
their place in the tapestry of existence.

For inquiries on detailed pricing information and investment options, visit our Facebook page or contact us at +639565983732 and

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True Vine Garden Columbary is a serene and beautifully landscaped columbary. It offers a peaceful and dignified final resting place for cremated remains, surrounded by lush gardens and a rich tropical ambiance. The columbary provides a conducive environment for reflection, celebration, and connection.

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True Vine Garden Columbary is strategically located within Cebu City, saving you precious time to visit departed cherished ones. Just a few minutes away from SM Seaside City Cebu, we ensure easy access amid the bustling urban landscape.

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Within the meticulously designed surroundings of True Vine Garden Columbary, you’ll discover a range of features and amenities that offer solace, reflection, and the perfect tribute to your loved ones.

* Spacious Parking
* Chapel of Prayers / Templo Jerusalem
* Wall of Remembrances
* Reflective Pond
* Signature Entrance and Drop-Off Area
* Reception and Staging Area
. Pocket Parks
* Water Fountain along Dalan Dolorosa
* Children’s Playground
. Pet Columbary
. Commercial Spaces

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True Vine Garden Columbary’s distinctive offering, the Memorial Tree, stands as a living and breathing tribute to cherished memories. Choose from the elegant Jacaranda Tree, the fiery Fire Tree, or the vibrant Yellow Copperpod. In our garden columbary, you have the opportunity to immortalize the memories of your dearly departed.

The Memorial Tree bears profound symbolic significance, symbolizing the cycle of life, growth, and the enduring nature of our connections with those who have embarked on their journey beyond the veil.

It serves as an enduring testament to the beauty of life and the lasting impact of those who have touched your hearts, providing solace and a space for reflection. Each memorial tree comes with three vaults in a pedestal and can hold up to 12 Urns.