PGIN, PAL to inaugurate Cebu-Laoag route


The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) and Philippine Airlines (PAL) gear up for the commencement of the new Cebu-Laoag flight route, which is set to take off on December 15, 2023, aiming to strengthen connections between the provinces of Cebu and Ilocos Norte and enhance tourism, business, and leisure travel opportunities.

This partnership between PGIN and PAL signifies a commitment to advancing regional connectivity, driving economic growth, and promoting cultural exchange. The new flight route is poised to be an effective strategy for enhancing ties between the Visayas and Mindanao regions, offering Ilokanos residing in these areas a convenient and efficient transportation alternative.



Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc, during yesterday’s press conference in Cebu, shared his enthusiasm about the potential of the Cebu-Laoag route in transforming the regional landscape, saying:

“We look forward to working with all of you (PAL and the Province of Cebu) to make sure that this route is successful and sustainable and truly beneficial to many Ilokanos and their families who depend on our tourism industry. Likewise, we also look forward to inviting and attracting investment from Cebu.”




The Cebu-Laoag route will be served by Philippine Airlines, the country’s leading carrier. With its reputation for providing top-notch services, PAL is positioned to ensure a seamless travel experience for passengers on this new route.

“Cebu-Laoag” is anticipated to boost tourism by providing travelers with a direct link between Cebu and Ilocos Norte to open new opportunities for exploration for both local and international tourists.



Meanwhile, the improved connectivity between the provinces is expected to create an ideal environment for business partnerships and collaborations where entrepreneurs and business professionals can efficiently traverse the distance, spurring economic activity.




Moreover, the route will cater to the growing demand for leisure travel and allow visitors to enjoy the attractions and offerings of both Cebu and Ilocos Norte.

Expressing his gratitude, Mr. Britannico Salvador, Jr., PAL Vice President for Sales, remarked, ‘We’re very happy and once again grateful to Governor Matt and his team for their support in making this possible. They’ve committed significant resources from their end to support this flight.”

The inaugural flight will carry Ilocos Norte officials and tourism stakeholders, PAL executives, and Cebu-based online influencers who will participate in the re-run of the “Himala sa Buhangin! Arts and Music Festival.” Additionally, they will engage in the “Kakanin Cook-off, a celebration of traditional Ilokano delicacies, and witness the first-ever “Coffee and Food Festival” in Ilocos Norte.




Ilocos Norte welcomed almost three (3) million visitors in 2022, with tourism receipts reaching an estimated P8.8 billion. PGIN regards the new Cebu-Laoag route as the beginning of a greater regional collaboration and connectivity to benefit Ilokanos in the tourism and business-related industries. PGIN-CMO