Virginia offers various ham products for the Yuletide season

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As the Yuletide season approaches, Virginia Food Inc. invites you to elevate your festive celebrations with an array of exquisite ham products.

Ham, a timeless symbol of festive gatherings and cherished family traditions, holds a special place in the hearts of many. Whether gracing holiday dinners or becoming the centerpiece of Sunday meals, ham carries a legacy of flavor and nostalgia.

Chef Darwin Tamosa noted that ham is quite easy to prepare as it can be served based on one’s preference.

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Chef Tamosa said Virginia ham products come with pineapple ham syrup. For those inclined to experiment, a personalized sauce can be crafted using a combination of pineapple juice, honey or sugar, Chinese rice wine, and shiitake or button mushrooms.

Leftover ham need not go to waste; it can be transformed into delectable dishes such as patatim, sandwiches and soup.

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To cater to diverse preferences, Virginia offers a range of ham choices. The Brick Ham, presented in a 500-gram size, boasts a square shape, pineapple glaze, and a juicy, tender texture. The Chicken Pear-shaped Ham, available in an 800-gram size, delights with a sweet aroma and uniquely juicy flavor. Meanwhile, the Pear-shaped Ham, in 500g, 800g, and 1kg sizes, stands as an elegantly molded, mildly seasoned ham sure to satisfy discerning palates.

The Black Forest Ham, a German-inspired whole-muscle ham shaped like a ball, captures attention with its unique smoky aroma and salty, meaty flavor. Additional choices include the Season’s Delight Ham, Chinese Fortune Ham, Jamon de Bola, Pineapple Ball Ham, American Tenderized Ham, and Smoked Crown Roast Ham.

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Discover these exceptional Virginia ham products at various supermarkets and factory outlets, allowing you to curate a festive season filled with culinary excellence and cherished moments.

Virginia products are readily available at various supermarkets and factory outlets.