Zonta District 17 Area 3 Meeting to Champion Women’s Empowerment Through Education, Entrepreneurship, and Equitable Access

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Zonta Clubs of Cebu I and II, members of  Zonta International, a leading global organization empowering women through service and Advocacy, is pleased to announce the upcoming Zonta District 17 Area 3 Meeting.

The event, with the theme “Women + Education + Entrepreneurship + Equitable Access Empow-Her”, will bring together representatives from the remaining 10 clubs in Area 3 for a collaborative and inspiring gathering.

Scheduled to take place on Jan. 26-28, 2024, the Area 3 Meeting aims to address pressing issues surrounding women’s empowerment, particularly in the areas of education, entrepreneurship, and equitable access to resources.

By focusing on these essential pillars, Zonta seeks to foster a society where women have equal opportunities to thrive and contribute to their communities.

As an organization committed to advancing the status of women worldwide, Zonta recognizes the pivotal role education plays in empowering women. The Area 3 meeting will bring together professionals and experts to share insights, best practices, and success stories in promoting education for women and girls.

Exchange of ideas, from 12 Zonta Clubs of District 17 Area 3,  will be the avenue for the  identification of strategies to enhance educational opportunities, improve access to quality education, and overcome barriers that hinder women’s progress.

Entrepreneurship is another critical avenue for women’s empowerment, allowing them to exercise economic independence and contribute to sustainable development.

This area 3 meeting will shed light on the challenges and opportunities faced by women entrepreneurs. Esteemed speakers and successful businesswomen will share their experiences, providing valuable guidance on establishing and growing businesses, navigating obstacles, and fostering a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Equitable access to resources and opportunities is crucial for achieving gender equality. The Area 3 meeting will delve into the systemic barriers that hinder women’s access to essential resources, including healthcare, legal services, and economic opportunities.

“We believe that empowering women is not only a moral imperative but also a catalyst for social and economic progress,” said IPP Petite Garcia, the organizing chair of this Area 3 Meeting.


Area 3 Director Tess Chan

”This Area 3 Meeting will serve as a platform to unite our clubs and communities, fostering collaboration and inspiring collective action!” Area 3 Director Tess Chan said. Together, we can create a world where every woman has the opportunity to succeed and thrive!

The Area 3 Meeting organizing team invites the Zonta members to participate in this empowering event that will definitely enhance each clubs advocacy and service projects delivery to more women in the different communities.

The meeting will also provide an excellent opportunity to network with other clubs to learn from best practices, complement, supplement and support each other towards the achievement of goals, “ To build A Better Life For Women and Girls”.

Please visit Zonta Club of Cebu Facebook page for more information about the District 17 Area 3 Meeting.

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