PH’s top industry-leading companies meet for “Carbon PH” 



CEBU CITY – Top industry- leading companies in the Philippines met on January 17 to help address the country’s transitional aspirations for a lower carbon economy through investments in nature-based solutions, capacity building and inputs for policy development.

Dubbed as the Carbon PH initiative, saw the convergence of the game changers’ top companies and other private sector groups to collaborate to attain a more sustainable development, aligning all efforts to address climate change impacts through practical solutions and policy advocacy.

“The private sector plays a crucial role in implementing nature-based solutions. These companies bring forth the necessary resources, expertise, and innovation needed to drive and contribute to sustainable development,” Aboitiz Group’s Chief Reputation and Sustainability Officer, Ginggay Hontiveros-Malvar highly noted the significance of private sector involvement in this program.


The Carbon PH initiative recognizes the private sector’s pivotal role in implementing nature-based solutions as companies contribute essential resources, expertise, and innovation. Leading companies help set a powerful precedent for collaboration and the pursuit of a greener economy in the Philippines and beyond, Malvar added.

Malvar pointed out that the Carbon PH initiative signifies a historic milestone for the country as these leading companies join forces, they set a powerful precedent for corporate responsibility, collaboration, and the pursuit of a greener economy, marking a transformative step towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for the Philippines.

According to the Carbon PH initiative, the synergies within the private sector are strategic that aims to enhance the scale and effectiveness of nature-based solutions. Based on their extensive experience in implementing sustainability initiatives, these companies are well-positioned to shape an enabling environment with policy recommendations supporting nature-based solutions.


The leading companies that participated in the Carbon PH meeting include Aboitiz Equity Ventures, UnionDigital Bank, Aboitiz Data Innovation, GT Capital Holdings, Foundation for Economic Freedom, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, SM Investments Corporation, Jollibee Group Foundation, Sibol, SGV, Filinvest Development Utilities, Chroma Hospitality, Lucio Tan Group, JG Summit Holdings, Cebu Pacific, Research Triangle Institute International, and Coca-Cola Foundation.