Kazuwa Prime’s Exquisite Seafood Spectacle

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The Japan Ezternal Trade Organization (JETRO) brings the best of Japan in NUSTAR Resort & Casino’s Kazuwa Prime.

The one-of-a-kind dinner event “A Seafood Spectacle” unfolded in Cebu- a meticulously crafted and  unmatched dining experience,  to elevate the appreciation for Japanese seafood and products.

The event highlights the unique characteristics of Japanese seafood, its diversity and Japan’s rich culinary heritage. The freshness,  the key to a distinct and flavorful Japanese cuisine, is ensured by   High Tower, a leading importer of fresh and frozen Asian processed foods.

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Executive Chef Elvin Quintero

Executive Chef Elvin Quintero, a seasoned chef who has mastered  Sushi/ Teppanyaki and the traditional Japanese cookery in upscale hotels like Fairmont Dubai, Marriott Doha, Crowne  Plaza meticulously curated the Seafood Spectacle.

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Tako Wasabi

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Seafood Wakame Soup

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Scallop and squid Teppanyaki

Each dish in the five-course menu highlights premium Japanese products all paired with premium beverages. The sublime feast amused  our palates  with a duo of Appetizers: the very tender and fresh morsels of Tako Wasabi or octopus from Iwate, a large prefecture on the coast of Honshu, and the the delicate custard, Chawanmushi with small slices of Kamaboko Fish cake, ebi  or shrimp , shimeji  mushroom, gingko and  mitsuba herb.

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Sushi Moriawase

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Tempura Moriawase



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Hokkaido Mille Crepe

A warm bowl of Wakame or kelp  soup followed to whet our appetites. The main course was a moriawase or various kinds of Sashimi (Otoro or the best part of the tuna belly, chutoro or medium fatty from Kyoto , ama ebi or sweet fresh shrimps, yellow fin tuna) with shacked  oysters on shell from Miyagi , Sushi and Tempura. The otoro was deliciously buttery!

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(L-R) Michael Karlo Lim, Aissa Dela Cruz and Kat Toledo Lim

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Aissa Dela Cruz with Restaurant Manager

And for a dramatic display of fiery expertise, the Japanese Chef and JETRO Director Makoto Sudo skillfully  cooked Teppanyaki (scallop and squid) on a Teppanyaki or iron griddle. Teppanyaki is a post World War II style of Japanese cooking. The flames drew oohs and ash’s from the diners. I chose to have Sake with Yuzu or citrus flavor, which paired well with the dishes. I always look forward to the sweet ending – Hokkaido Mille Crepe and each crepe is a celebration of Hokkaido’s contribution to Japan dairy.