Lila, Bohol launches TKDSP Phase 5

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Beneficiaries of the Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program Phase 5 in Lila, Bohol together with MNAO Dr. Nina Madellaine Blanes (standing, 1st from left), MNPC Neca Mae Gamutin (sitting, 1st from left), ND II Glenda Papeleras (sitting, 2nd from left) and NO II Maida Virtudazo (sitting, 3rd from left)

Lila, Bohol – The continuous pouring of rain did not deter the program implementers in this is 5th class municipality of the northern part of Bohol from launching the 5th phase of the Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program) TK DSP) for pregnant women.

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TK DSP is a dietary supplementation program of the national government thru the National Nutrition Council (NNC) that aims to contribute to the prevention of stunting of 0-23 months children by providing supplementary food among nutritionally at-risk (NAR) pregnant women and young children to improve the quality and quantity of their food and nutrient intake together and utilization of related Early Childhood Care and Development First 1000 Days services.

Lila is one of the 12 municipalities of Bohol province implementing the program. The launching was held simultaneously with other LGUs in Central Visayas on 16 February 2024. The activity in Lila was attended by 29 NAR pregnant women of the municipality who were also oriented about the program with their roles and responsibilities emphasized.

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Municipal Health Officer/Municipal Nutrition Action Officer, Dr. Anne Madelaine Blanes in her inspirational message during the launch encouraged the mothers to cooperate and make the most of the opportunity given to them to make their motherhood journey an unforgettable, successful and the start of a healthy life for their baby.

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Using a dry feeding scheme, program beneficiaries received Brown Rice Bar (BRB), High Energy Biscuit (Prebis) and Iron Fortified Rice commodities. Each of them also took home “Kain Tayo” journal w.khich would serve as their guide and reference. The said journal provides tips and guides in the motherhood journey and an array of simple and easy to follow recipes.

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The beneficiaries on that day went home wearing big smiles on their faces with the thought of improving the birth outcomes of the newborns they will soon deliver. With the strong commitment of the LGUs both from the municipal and barangay level in the program implementation, the active participation of the beneficiaries, acting backing from the NNC, meeting the goals of this program would not be impossible.