JCI, Honda Cars Cebu partners to push sustainable transport, women empowerment

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CEBU CITY— The Green Car Initiative (GCI) of ACMobility Honda Cars Cebu is now collaborating with the Junior Chamber International (JCI) to promote sustainable transportation in the Philippines, initiating the first of a series of seminar workshops and learning sessions in Cebu with “SHE DRIVES, SAFE: Empowering Women Behind the Wheel” on May 4, at the ACMobility Honda Cars Cebu Showroom at A. Soriano Ave., NRA, Cebu City.

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“We really want to push women empowerment, one of the key goals on sustainable development. Hence, we as men, we want to drive in positive change through simple things, such as this seminar to have safer road, safer communities, safer environment guide, as simple as checking cars and changing tires,” Honda Cars VisMin/Cebu branch manager, Carl Bryan Enerio said during the opening session.

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The “SHE DRIVES, SAFE” learning session was especially designed for women with 15 women members of the JCI-Zugbuana in attendance and participated in the workshop on ‘BLOWBAGETS’ car checkup and changing tires.

Interesting topics were discussed ranging from car safety, safety on the roads, basic info on traffic, changing flat tires, defensive driving and general car maintenance.

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Highway Patrol Group (HPG) Pat. David Ariola of the Regional Highway Patrol Unit (RHPU-7) shared information on Traffic Management and other info on safety and security on the road; info on carnapping, traffic violation among others.

Sustainable transportation initiatives in PH

Enerio bared that the partnership between JCI and Honda Cars Cebu aims to reduce carbon footprint and promote environmentally-friendly practices in the industry, putting emphasis on the importance of active citizenship in driving change.

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JCI Metro Cebu Uptown president Diego Michael Busa added that the “SHE DRIVES, SAFE” initiative is a progressive move for the transportation industry, specifically with Honda Cars Cebu. “We are happy with this partnership noting its potential impact on the environment, safer roads and empowering more women drivers,” he added.

Plans are afoot to collaborate with universities and other non-government organizations (NGOs) for sustainable development goals while the JCI partnership with Honda focuses on the environment to reduce carbon footprint in the transportation industry and women empowerment.

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Enerio bared that JCI and Honda Cars Cebu schedule future seminars and identify additional schools/universities to partner with and explore potential partnerships with other organizations working on related issues like environment, women’s empowerment, among others.

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Busa on the hand said that JCI and Honda Cars Cebu will continue to discuss on expanding the scope and scale of initiatives under their partnership.  The SHE DRIVES, SAFE learning session is just the beginning of more and wider participation from various groups in Cebu and in other places in the country.