CREBA Cebu Chapter supports national org’s 2-fold role in building homes, communities

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The Chamber of Real Estate & Builders Association (CREBA) Cebu chapter will continue to adhere to the national organization’s two-fold role in building homes and communities, Chapter President Catherine Cusi said in an interview.

CREBA has long been committed to ensuring every Filipino has access to a decent home.

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CREBA National Vice President for Finance Mr. Pablo A. Panlilio Jr. (extreme left) administered the Oath of Office to the new Board of Directors & Officers of Chamber of Real Estate & Builders Association, Inc. of Cebu: (L-R) Board Members Roberto Pacana; Renato Avila; Anthony Noel; Harold Vince See; CREBA Cebu Chapter Chairman Serafin Blanco; Marissa Inting, Treasurer; Sharon Ong, Treasurer; Raul Mananquil, Vice President; and CREBA Cebu Chapter President Catherine Cusi

Ms. Cusi noted that the two-fold role was emphasized in the message of CREBA National President Noel Toti M. Cariňo, read by the organization’s Vice President for Finance Pablo Panlilio Jr. during the induction of Cebu Chapter’s new board of directors and officers held during the general membership meeting on May 16, 2024, Thursday, at the Seda Hotel Cebu Business Park.

“Our role as a Chamber underscores the property sector’s two-fold role in building homes and communities. First, it is a business endeavor. On the other hand, it is a social responsibility that calls for excellence, integrity, and honesty in all home-buying transactions,” said President Cariňo.

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(L-R) Cebu Lions Club President Michelle Rodriguez, Maria Fe Armejo, Elsa Jane Albino, CREBA Cebu Chapter President Catherine Cusi, Marissa Inting and Ray Marc Inting of Land Asia Realty & Dev’t. Corp.

“As real estate developers and professionals, we are in the business of building dreams for people,” he added.

Ms. Cusi noted that all CREBA chapters are working on the national organization’s goal of a Home for every Filipino, and addressing the housing backlog.

“I hope they (developers) will also commit themselves to providing buyers or homeowners a livable and decent living,” she stressed.

With chapters nationwide dedicated to this cause, the organization strives to bridge the gap between developers and aspiring homeowners, fostering a society where housing is not just a commodity but a fundamental right.

Ms. Cusi also urged developers to remain committed to helping the government provide decent housing to Filipinos.

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CREBA National Vice President for Finance Mr. Pablo A. Panlilio Jr.

Meanwhile, Mr. Panlilio said CREBA will also continue to lobby for measures that would provide ease to developers in doing business such as a gradual increase of zonal values of properties and retaining the value-added tax on property sales.

“We have to find the middle ground so both sides will be satisfied. Find a win-win situation,” he added.

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CREBA members with MCIAA CEO/General Manager Mr. Julius G. Neri, Jr.

Mr. Panlilio inducted into office Serafin Blanco (Chairman), Catherine Cusi (President), Raul Mananquil (Vice President), Sharon Ong (Secretary), Marissa Inting (Treasurer), and Board Members Renato Avila, Roberto Pacaňa, Anthony Noel, and Harold Vince See.

Meanwhile, Mactan Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIAA) Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Julius G. Neri Jr., the guest speaker during the event, briefed CREBA Cebu members on the airport’s performance.

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MCIAA CEO/General Manager Mr. Julius G. Neri, Jr.

Mr. Neri noted that while the airport has yet to attain its maximum potential, it continues to post growth in passenger traffic. The Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA) has also won several awards. It is the first airport in the Philippines to receive the Airport Customer Experience Accreditation for Airport Service Quality from the esteemed Airports Council International.

It will also receive another globally recognized accreditation from the Airports Council International when it reaches Level 1 of Mapping for the Airport Carbon Accreditation.

EcoKil Pest Control, Rockwell Land, Usana, and Nouveau Resort sponsored the event.

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EcoKil Chief Operations Officer Mr. Alberto Laborte

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(L-R) Marissa Inting, Serafin Blanco, EcoKil Chief Operations Officer Mr. Alberto Laborte and CREBA Cebu Chapter President Catherine Cusi

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CREBA Cebu Chapter President Catherine Cusi flanked by EcoKil Chief Operations Officer Mr. Alberto Laborte and EcoKil Service Manager Jessie Zafa

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USANA Executives Rhona Blanco and Rhowela Blanco with CREBA Cebu Chapter President Catherine Cusi

Mr. Alberto Laborte, EcoKil chief operations officer, stressed the difference in pest control methods implemented by their company. These include an emphasis on Rodent Baiting, a focus on treating the source using transferable baiting technology, termite Pre-construction physical barriers with a 50-year guarantee, Electronic Service Reporting and online trend analysis for compliance, and Mosquitoes treatments using a combination of fogging, treating the source, and residual spraying using oil-based products.

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Rockwell Land Sales Executive Ms. Nina Pangilinan

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Oblates of the Apostles of the Two Hearts Presenter Fr. Davide Villamor

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Nouveau Resort Sales & Marketing Manager Ms. Sheila Mae Lago

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RMA News Founder Robby Alugar with CREBA Cebu Chapter President Catherine Cusi

Noveau Resort, which is based in Camiguin, also raffled off four overnight stay vouchers.