Seven Countries in Four Years: Tetr College Of Business Charts New Territory In Learning With Its Innovative Global Degree Program

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World’s Largest Single-Intake Scholarship Announced at USD 12 Million for 60 Students

Tetr College of Business, a first-of-its-kind business school is unlocking a new generation of leaders who truly possess practical skills and global experience to build successful businesses. Tetr is launching a new undergraduate degree which emphasises learning business by building businesses across the globe. In doing so, the programme caters directly to this increasing demand for experience over skills or base qualifications. To that end, Tetr is announcing the world’s largest single-intake scholarship funds at USD 12 Million to cater to a total of 60 full scholarships for its fall 2024 cohort.

Tetr College of Business has curated a globally immersive learning experience for students, that facilitates them to study at the world’s leading educational institutions across seven countries throughout a four-year degree program. At Tetr, students learn theoretical concepts and apply them to real-world settings by establishing functioning businesses during their degree. From building a dropshipping business in Dubai, a content creation channel in Milan, a social venture in Ghana, these businesses will be contextual to the geography they’re in. To add academic rigour to this, Tetr has partnered with top universities per global rankings by the Financial Times, such as NUS Singapore, SDA Bocconi and IIT, where students will be taking classes.

Emphasising hands-on learning and mentorship, the academic council is led by educators and advisors from Harvard, Stanford and MIT as well as senior leaders from Estee Lauder, American Express, Soft bank, NASA and Goldman Sachs.

For prospective students from Malaysia, growing interest in truly immersive learning experiences perfectly aligns with the nation’s growing intention of cementing itself on the world’s stage,” shares Dr. Viney Sawhney, Professor of Finance, Harvard University. “TETR is curating a learning experience that gives students the chance to truly soak in these experiences and philosophies for businesses from multiple cultures; from the bustling streets of Milan during Fashion Week to the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of the Grand Prix in Italy, they get to see and experience these things for themselves to learn from real-life application rather than rote textbook learning.”

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Adding weight to their commitment to making learning an immersive experience, is their method of assessing candidates. The TETR Trial is a 45-minute game-based test designed to assess potential. Shortlisted candidates are then invited for a final interview with the Tetr academic council.

The Tetr Launchpad also offers invaluable resources for aspiring entrepreneurs, including access to incubation facilities and funding from a substantial $1.6 million venture fund, complemented by mentorship from an extensive network of venture capitalists, founders, and industry leaders.

Central to this is Tetr’s education model of learning business by building business, focusing on equipping students with practical skills and experiences essential for success in today’s job market, by developing a solid academic foundation. These experiences include but are not limited to working with real customers, creating live campaigns, maintaining books of accounts, reinforcing classroom concepts, promoting creativity and allowing them to get hands-on experience, from a practical and geographical experience.

Rooted in contextual course curation, the curriculum allows students to travel the world and learn as locally as possible, travelling to a new country, each semester. This roster includes countries such as the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, France, and Brazil. Students will attend these classes in person and experience a diverse gamut of global cultures and business environments firsthand, fostering an understanding of cultural nuances and preparing them as globally aware entrepreneurial leaders for the challenges and opportunities in the post-Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) era.

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