My Father, My hero: Celebrating all Super Dads with SM Supermalls 

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Father’s Day is a reminder of the important and sometimes overlooked role that dads play in our lives. Everybody who has played a father figure in our lives should be honored and celebrated. And because they carry many responsibilities in our homes, our super dads deserve an abundance of love and appreciation on their special day.

This June, show them an aweSM time by bringing them somewhere special or taking them shopping–this should be much more than a ‘Hallmark holiday’!

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From June 17 to 19, enjoy an exclusive 3-day mall-wide sale just for your Super Dad. Score some of the hottest deals in fashion, accessories, gadgets, and gizmos at a discounted price. Take him to the Dad’s Hall at SM Supermalls and buy him cool merch and collectibles or take him there to see the vintage car and big bike exhibit.

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They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, on his special day, indulge him with a feast. Bring the whole family and order all his favorites! A lot of restaurants are giving away super dining deals from June 13 to 19.

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Join SM Supermalls’ Super Dad TikTok Challenge from June 12 to 19 and go twinning with your real life super hero and bust those moves on TikTok! You might be one of the lucky winners of SM gift certificates.

To recognize how important furdads are to their furbabies, SM Supermalls will be hosting a Pack Walk Costume Parade and Contest at the Paw Park! Dress up as a hero with your furbaby as sidekick, and get a chance to win prizes.

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As we celebrate this special day for our Super Dads, may you be reminded of his unconditional love for you and your family. Honor your Super Dads this June, and spend quality time with them. That could just be the best gift you can give them. So, head on to your favorite SM mall, and show your dad the grandest time this Father’s Day. The King of the Household and our hearts deserve to be celebrated.

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