CPMS celebrates Class of 2024 Preschool, Elementary graduates’ achievements


Children’s Paradise Montessori School (CPMS) celebrates the achievements of the Class of 2024 preschool completers and elementary graduates during its 18th Commencement Exercises.


“Today, we gather not only to celebrate the incredible journey and achievements of our students but to honor the remarkable transformation we have witnessed in each of them,” CPMS President Ms. Marivic Bathan said in her opening remarks during the activity held on June 8, 2024, at the Marcelo Fernan Press Center.

Ms. Bathan cited that the school’s theme ‘Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but the experiences in the moment’ encapsulates the essence of Montessori education.


“At CPMS, we believe that education is not just about absorbing information but about experiencing and engaging with the world around us,” she explained. “Montessori education stands apart because it is child-centered, hands-on, self-directed, holistic, personalized, and collaborative.”


This year’s batch, which has gone through the pandemic and transitioned to face-to-face classes, has affirmed the school’s branding Tatak CPMS. With the branding, they have embodied values through the years.


CPMS recognition of the students is based on the values each child has embodied. “We don’t recognize them for the academics alone; rather we recognize them for who they have become through the experiences that they have here (in the school),” Ms. Bathan said. “What is more important to us is character and the values that they take with them as they move to the next phase of their lives.

CPMS also recognized two outstanding alumni for achieving remarkable milestones in their professional lives and giving back to the school community. The two are Mary Sue C. Bathan and Rhea Rosa Chrisha P. Jarina.


Mary Sue, one of the pioneers of CPMS became the first educator among the school’s alumni and returned to the school to help nurture and inspire the next generation of students. Her journey from a young student at CPMS to an emerging educator is a testament to the strong foundation and values instilled by our Montessori approach.


Rhea Rosa Chrisha, is another trailblazer who made her mark as the first fashion designer among the alumni, who also returned and joined the school. Her achievements reflect the Montessori principles of fostering creativity and individuality.

The school also honored two individuals as Culture Builder Awardees who significantly contribute to the school’s vibrant and positive culture. Their dedication, creativity, and commitment to the school’s mission make them invaluable members of the community by helping nurture the next generation of learners in a positive and supportive atmosphere.

CPMS recognized Fr. Loreto A. Jaque for ‘profoundly enriching the culture of self and soul-care at CPMS. Through his innovative and holistic approach of integrating laughter yoga, Biodanza, play, expressive arts, and dreamwork with spirituality, he has strengthened personal and professional development within our community and made a lasting impact on the well-being and growth of our students, parents, and employees most significantly in SY 2023-2024.


On the other hand, CPMS credited Coach Mark Saballa, Co-Founder of Coaching Space, for empowering the school’s team and parents to thrive in the post-pandemic era. His groundbreaking, data-driven workshops, insightful coaching, and ability to challenge perspectives boosted confidence and resilience resulting in a transformative impact that has fortified our community’s strength and adaptability in navigating change most significantly in SY 2023-2024.