CCCI names Brigitte Lim as CBM 2022 chair 


The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) is happy to announce the engagement of Ms. Brigitte Carmel Lim as overall chairperson of the Cebu Business Month (CBM) 2022.

A fitness enthusiast, Lim is the Vice President for Operations of Topline Group of Companies.

During the just-concluded 1st Blended General Membership Meeting: Annual Election & Induction of New Members of CCCI at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, outgoing CBM Chair Michael Cubos represented by Gerald Yuvallos congratulates Lim in her new role to lead and mobilize the incoming CBM working team and officers in their future endeavors.

“This turnover is memorable as it draws to a close the most challenging ecosystem any CBM Team has faced in mobilizing the business community of Cebu due to COVID-19, which we hope and pray, that it is all in the past. More so, today brings about change in leadership, infusing fresh blood with fresh insights, and strategies that will enable a new exciting journey for the Cebu Business Month,” Yuvallos said.


Mr. Gerald Yuvallos, Over-all Vice Chair for CBM 2021

The CBM 2021 bannered the theme: “RISE Forward”. What used to be a month-long celebration in June was revolutionized to be a year- long series of online events, activities, and specific programs designed to meet the current trends and opportunities as well as address issues, concerns, and needs of the chamber’s members.

CBM 2021 shifted from the highly personalized networking and face-to-face interactions to virtual events using various untested platforms which spanned throughout the past two years.

In a statement, CBM 2021 was deemed successful for the following milestones:

• Called into action the TOURISM industry to Rediscover, Invite, Support and Engage (RISE) through the Tourism Coffee Table Discussion and Tourism Summit, which highlighted local tourist products and destinations, and encouraged Cebuanos to explore the many local attractions.

• ENTREPRENEURSHIP Coffee Table Discussions and Entrepreneurs’ Summit, which addressed innovation and the latest trends of business opportunities during the recession brought upon by the pandemic.

• Conducted the Creative Industry Coffee Table Discussion and the Cebu International Film Festival Curtain Raiser. It celebrated the week-long activities of the Creative Entertainment Week that focused on the fields of Animation, Games, Original Content, Film, Komiks, and Music & Theatre.

• The call to action for the ICT/BPM industry – Revolutionize, Inclusion, Solidarity, and Empower – was realized through the ICT/BPM Coffee Table Discussion and Summit.


CBM 2021 Over-all Chairman Mr. Michael Cubos

Cubos expressed his profound gratitude to the CBM 2021 working teams, and congratulate them for passing the test of leadership and synergy.

“Your resilience and determination to serve CBM allowed us to thrive and rise forward during all those difficult times. I want to thank you for your hard work and the sacrifices you have made,” Cubos said in a statement.

“To the incoming CBM Chairperson Brigitte Lim, it is not going to be a walk in the park to lead CBM 2022. But with your inherent strength, the support of your working team, the Chamber, and the general membership, you will be able to sail through and effectively deliver your mandate of inspiring and mobilizing Cebu’s business community,”Cubos added.

Cubos is very positive and confident that under Brigitte’s leadership, CBM will accomplish everything that they have envisioned and will surely surpass what Cubos have achieved.


CCCI President Mr. Felix Taguiam delivers the President’s Report



Meanwhile, Lim has assured to continue the programs that build resilience and strengthen Cebu’s major industries – Tourism, ICT/BPM, Creative Entertainment, and Entrepreneurship. She will also actively engaged in economic programs that will spur the formation of new investments, retooling and repurposing of enterprises, and rebuilding and expansion of operations leading to the creation of jobs as well as in promoting sustainable initiatives.



“We shall continue to boost and deepen the connection and collaboration with our partners and create new linkages with and among the key players in the global value chains especially the marketplace, fully believing that we can take on opportunities that bring healing and positive contributions,” Lim said.

“As your new Chairperson, I am far from perfect, and I need unsparing support, cooperation and trust from everyone. You have my personal commitment that I will work relentlessly with the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the incoming CBM 2022 working team to take on the challenges of Disruption, Reintegration and creation that lie ahead of us,” Lim concluded.