REV UP! Real Estate Volunteers and Urban Poor throw support behind Leni-Kiko tandem

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A group of real estate professionals and various urban poor leaders in Metro Cebu have come up with a unified voice in support of the candidacy of Presidential aspirant Leni Robrero and senator Kiko Pangilinan for vice president in the forthcoming May 9, 2022 elections.

Under the banner of Real Estate Volunteers and Urban Poor or REV UP for Leni-Kiko, the newly-created group headed by housing sector convenors Nathaniel Chua, Emily Cabillada, and Marilou Canizares manifested their all-out support to the Leni-Kiko tandem after a series of consultations where they addressed the real concerns of the 100-plus urban poor leaders.

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“Kining ikaduha nga consultation sumpay ni sa unang consulation. Mao ni siya ang panagtagbo sa real estate professionals ug urban poor pag-discuss sa socialized housing. Unya nahiusahan sa grupo nga dunay i-endorso nga kandidato basi sa iyang track record ug programa sa housing,” Chua said.

“Og pinaagi sa nahitabong konsultasyon, nadesisyonan nga i-endorso si Leni Robredo pagka-presidente ug si Kiko Pangilinan isip bise presidente. Kini tungod sa track record ni vice president Robredo isip secretary sa HUDCC (Housing and Urban Poor Development Coordinating Council) sud sa unom ka buwan ug sa iyang plano pag-allocate of P50 billion para sa socialized housing. Og nahiusahan sa grupo nga REV UP for Leni-Kiko para sa eleksiyon sa 2022,” Chua continued.

In making up their choice, the group spotlighted the salient points that are among the cornerstone of Robredo’s programs for socialized housing once successful in her bid to become the country’s Chief Executive.

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“The urban poor group realized that their lives and dreams of owning land will only be fulfilled if they choose the right leaders, if they will exercise their right properly by scrutinizing the plans and platforms of the candidates,” the group said in a statement. “They have seen that the housing agenda of a Leni Robredo Presidency will answer their longed for wish of being proud land owners. The centerpiece of a Leni administration housing program is the allotment of a P50B fund annually to provide socialized housing for the poorest of the poor.”

“VP Leni plans to prioritize development of government land for socialized housing and those lands declared already as socialized housing sites by previous administration’s proclamations to be prioritized for development resonated with them since they experienced injustice from local government when their lands were included in redevelopment plans without due consultations, despite holding documents that their land has been declared a “socialized housing site” and without a guarantee of a relocation site,” it added.

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“Her push for in-city resettlement for informal settlers as well as on-site development if possible made a huge impact to the participants since most are urban dwellers whose livelihoods are located in urban centers.  They understood that for the success of the plans of Leni Robredo she will also need the support of a good vice president and a senate that will push her legislative agenda.”

Cabillada said given her shining credential and track record, Robredo is the kind of leader whom you can put your trust to deliver on her promises.

“Daghan kaayo siya’g plano pero ang pinakanindot kaayo niya nga plano ang iyang pabahay. Nag-research ko unsa may plano sa ubang canditates, pero based sa akong research, naay capacity si Leni, matinud-anon nga tumanon ang iyang saad kay duna siya’y track record sama sa iyang gibuhat pagka-bise presidente niya,” said Cabillada. “Akong nakita ni Leni nga maka-trust ta.  Unya naa say capacity, naay pangutok nga makatuman sa iyang mga plano.”

Canizares, for her part, firmly believes that the Leni-Kiko tandem is the best choice that can fulfill the dreams and aspirations of the urban sector with regards to their housing concerns.

“That’s a great dream for the urban poor because the house will give them also some pride that they can also give to their children. And the children will also have pride that they belong to a home, that they have achieved the dream of their parents. I dream with the urban poor in achieving their dreams too for the Leni-Kiko leadership,” said Canizares.

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