Revving Up Skills and Opportunities: CCCI X Cebu City Kick Off Motorcycle Small Engine Training Program

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25 economic riders from BARUG Cebu City Advocates Basic Sectors participated in the Training Induction Program (TIP) of the Motorcycle Small Engine NC II training last March 14 (Tuesday) at the College of Technological Sciences (CTS), Cebu City.

The program is one of the series of training programs of the Cebu Investment Development Concierge Center (CIDCC) Project organized by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) in partnership with the Cebu City Government through the College of Technological Sciences (CTS) with Program Instructor, Dean Cendryl F. Molina and CTS Tech/Voc Director Danilo B. Colipano.

Aimed at enabling participants to gain valuable experience and expertise in small engine repair and maintenance thereby quipping them with the necessary skills to employability and entrepreneurial potentials, the Motorcycle Small Engine NC II Training is expected to run from March 14 to May 15.

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The Cebu Chamber with the Cebu City Government remains steadfast in its advocacy for upskilling and reskilling to improve the livelihood and income streams of the micro and small entrepreneurs from different livelihood groups in the city.

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