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Paynamics: The Journey of a Decade Old Fintech Company

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Are you ready to transform the way your business handles financial transactions? Welcome to the future of seamless payments and step into the world of Paynamics Technologies Inc.

Paynamics Technologies Inc. has emerged as a powerful force reshaping the way businesses manage money movement as they see payments as the linchpin of every sector. As a payment’s enabler, Paynamics is pivotal to the growing digital ecosystem, providing end-to-end electronic payment solutions that empower any business to compete globally.


Paynamics began over a decade ago when a group of visionary entrepreneurs recognized the growing need for a secure and efficient digital payments infrastructure. The founders established Paynamics with the goal of solving Merchant pain points when it comes to payment acceptance and disbursements. Paynamics core revolves around our passion for innovation and creating value for businesses, ensuring frictionless payments for both businesses and customers.

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Over the years, Paynamics has expanded its offerings, constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of its users. Its digital payments platform now provides a wide range of features and services. The introduction of its user-friendly Merchant mobile wallet applications that enable merchants to easily accept payments, manage, and transfer funds. The Merchant Wallet supports over 20 payment channels and offers a range of features such as pay-by-link, pay-by-QR-scan, and via webstore. The QR-scan enabled businesses to accept different payment methods via a single QR code.

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Recognizing the rapid growth of e-commerce, Paynamics developed robust online payment solutions that enable businesses to accept payments securely through over 40 payment channels under one integration. The integration can be deployed for websites, mobile applications, and social media platforms. Integration with popular shopping carts were also made available providing merchants more flexibility.

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For more information and inquiries, you can email Paynamics at sales@paynamics.net.