Seda Central Bloc Hotel’s Heartwarming Integrated Community Outreach in Boljoon


Seda Central Bloc Cebu, renowned for its unwavering commitment to community engagement, successfully conducted its heartwarming integrated community outreach program themed “Promoting Health, Transforming Lives.” The event took place at Becerril Elementary School in Brgy. Upper Becerril, Boljoon, Cebu on August 29, 2023. This marked the hotel’s second year of visiting the community, aiming to create a sustainable and positive impact on the lives and well-being of the local residents.

During the event, Seda Central Bloc Cebu distributed essential school supplies to 87 enthusiastic children, ensuring they are equipped for a successful academic journey. In collaboration with Ayala Foundation through the We Are Ayala Business Club Cebu, the hotel also donated DepEd-approved books, clothes, and toys to the school. Additionally, the event saw the generous support of sponsors like Jollibee, providing nourishing meals for the attendees. The inclusion of recreational activities further fostered an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie.

Seda Central Bloc Cebu with partners and sponsors

Books, Clothes, and Toys Turnover to Becerril Elementary School

As a part of community development, the hotel extended its support to the Becerril Elementary School’s Parent-Teacher’s Association, providing them with the necessary funds and goods to establish their own school canteen.

Donated Goods and Funds to start up a School Canteen

Medical Mission in partnership with Makati Development Corporation

Dental Mission in partnership with Department of Health RVII and Dental Association of the Philippines

Acknowledging the significance of holistic well-being, the outreach efforts extended beyond education. Collaborating with the Department of Health Region VII and the Philippine Dental Association, medical professionals joined the team to conduct dental mission. Medical assistance were provided by doctors from Makati Development Corporation (MDC) through We Are Ayala Business Club. These missions brought invaluable benefits to selected students and their families, including the distribution of vital medicines and essential health check-ups. Additionally, in response to the challenging times, these families received essential groceries, providing meaningful assistance.

Food packs provided by Jollibee

The commitment of Seda Central Bloc Cebu went even further through a partnership with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). They conducted career-building talks, offering local residents’ valuable opportunities to explore various career paths and enhance their employability skills. MDC also made a significant impact by offering immediate job opportunities to some attendees, ensuring a sustainable source of income.

Book Reading and Recreational Activities with the Students

The logistical success of traveling approximately 114km to Boljoon was made possible through the invaluable support of our logistics partner, Europcar, and our dedicated security team, Davao Caveliers.

The outreach event not only exemplified Seda Central Bloc Cebu’s core values but also showcased their genuine dedication to nation-building and their unwavering commitment to creating a positive and sustainable impact that extends beyond the realm of hospitality.