Seda Central Bloc Cebu Earns Prestigious Accolades at Cebu Goes Culinary 2023

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Seda Central Bloc Cebu has showcased its culinary excellence by securing multiple awards in its inaugural participation at Cebu Goes Culinary 2023, hosted by the Hotel, Resort and Restaurants Association of Cebu, Inc. (HRRACI) last September 30 – October 1, 2023. This highly-anticipated culinary competition, marking its return after the pandemic-induced hiatus, witnessed Seda Central Bloc Cebu’s outstanding debut, where the hotel’s culinary team left an indelible mark by capturing an impressive tally of 8 medals and 3 diplomas across 11 categories.

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Seda Central Bloc Culinary Team

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Seda Central Bloc F&B Service Team

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Gold – Best Regional Ingredient – Vinegar – Leslie Maglasang & Rene Pagliawan

Notably, Leslie Maglasang and Renie Pagliawan unveiled their remarkable culinary prowess in the “Best Regional Ingredient – Vinegar” category, offering a masterful interpretation of the classic “Sinuglaw” and a modern twist with Pork BBQ and Tuna Noodles. Their exceptional creations clinched the coveted gold medal as the judges described it as a “perfect home to restaurant” interpretation.

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Silver – Best TraditionalModern Regional Pica Pica – Rennan Sangcap

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Silver – Pralines – Kim Macapobre

C:\Users\GCPI-ROBBY\Desktop\PRS\5.Silver - Best Regional Cooking Technique - Sutukil – Leslie & Rene.JPG

Silver – Best Regional Cooking Technique – Sutukil – Leslie & Rene

Rennan Sangcap’s exceptional presentation of Regional Pica-Pica creations secured a silver award (the highest award for the category), showcasing delights such as Preskong Lumpiang Ubod, Bola-bolang Puso sa Saging, and Lemongrass Chicken Lollipop. Kim Macapobre distinguished herself with her intricate and delectable Pralines – Local Flavors with Modern Presentation, earning a well-deserved silver award. Her recipes featured indigenous ingredients like Aratiles, Mango, and Jackfruit. Leslie and Renie, on the other hand, clinched their second medal for their traditional and modern regional cooking technique of “Sutukil,” featuring the local ingredient, Barongoy or most commonly known as Flying Fish, which captivated the discerning judges.

C:\Users\GCPI-ROBBY\Desktop\PRS\6.Bronze - Klasika Moderna Kulinarya – Crisanto Palang, Meynard Ricarte, Ritche Vaño.JPG

Bronze – Klasika Moderna Kulinarya – Crisanto Palang, Meynard Ricarte, Ritche Vaño

In the Battle Royale of “Klasika Moderna Kulinarya”, Crisanto Palang Jr., John Meynard Ricarte, and Ritche Vaño displayed their culinary finesse with a regional set menu presentation that equally displayed traditional and modern renditions. Their innovative use of Bakasi (Reef Eels) in their main dish earned them bronze medals.

C:\Users\GCPI-ROBBY\Desktop\PRS\7.Bronze - Table Setting with Floral Centerpiece – Francis Ompok, Razel Bejagan, Wengie Labis.jpg

Bronze – Table Setting with Floral Centerpiece – Francis Ompok, Razel Bejagan, Wengie Labis

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Bronze – Cacao Concoction – Wengie Labis

C:\Users\GCPI-ROBBY\Desktop\PRS\9.Bronze – Regional Atchara Salad – Lucas & Khader.jpg

Bronze – Regional Atchara Salad – Lucas & Khader

The talented trio of Francis Ompok, Razel Bejagan, and Wengie Labis demonstrated their artistic flair in the “Table Setting with Floral Centerpiece” category, where they combined classic and contemporary elements to craft an elegant table setup complete with a white orchid and lily floral centerpiece. Their creative efforts secured them bronze medals. Wengie further distinguished herself with a Bronze for her imaginative “Cacao Concoction,” while Louis Lucas and Melkhader Wamar’s “Atchara” presentation also earned them a bronze spotlight in the Pantry Chef – Regional Atchara Salad category.

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Diploma – Kakanin Flambe – Shella Muñez

C:\Users\GCPI-ROBBY\Desktop\PRS\11.Diploma – Best Regional Ingredient - Bagoong – Cecilio Tero & Andony Estela.jpg

Diploma – Best Regional Ingredient – Bagoong – Cecilio Tero & Andony Estela

C:\Users\GCPI-ROBBY\Desktop\PRS\12.Diploma - Flairetending - Gee-mar Lariosa.JPG

Diploma – Flairetending – Gee-mar Lariosa

In addition to the medals, special recognitions were bestowed upon Shella Muñez in the Panghimagas – Kakanin Flambe category, Cecilio Tero Jr. and Andony Estela for their traditional and modern interpretations of Regional Ingredient, Bagoong, and Gee-mar Lariosa for his flairtending skills.

These awards underscore Seda Central Bloc Cebu’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences that pay homage to Cebu’s rich culinary heritage. They reflect the dedication and creativity of the culinary team at Seda Central Bloc Cebu and reaffirm their pledge to honor the diverse flavors and traditions of Cebu.